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Gospel music is loved and respected by lots of Nigerians. Most Nigerians are religious, and they enjoy listening to spiritual songs that inspire them. Over the years, it has been one of the most beloved genres in Nigeria.




When it comes to finding your favorite free Christian songs for listening and downloading on the web, it can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, with Godly Christian Music there are several tools available to help you find just what you are looking for. The best tool that you can probably use is the song search tool, because it allows you to target your song search very closely. Your searches can target the title, genre, theme, type (instrumental, a capela, or vocal with accompaniment), or instrumental content. Nevertheless, there are times when you just can’t remember how to spell the title of a Christian song and so the search tool just can’t quite find the downloadable MP3 file that you are looking for. When this happens it is sure nice to be able to browse through all the free so Godly Christian Music.
To get started all you need to do is select a letter or the # sign to find all the songs titled with the letter or number you have chosen. When the Christian songs come up, if you click the title of a song it will bring to the download page for the musician or band who wrote that song. If you just want to see who wrote the song, but don’t want to go to their music download page, then simply hover your mouse cursor over the title of the song. This will bring up a small box that contains the name of the artist who wrote the song and the date that it was added to Godly Christian Music’s website. Next to the title of the song, there are also links to play the song free of charge (listen to the song by streaming it directly from the site), download an MP3 file of the song for playing on your portable devices (iPods, CDs, car stereo, phones, and mp3 players) , and two links for viewing and printing chords and lyrics to the music.

Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes "Cover The Earth" Cords
Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes “Cover The Earth” Cords

One other nice feature about this page is the listing of suggested songs… so if you are new to Godly Christian Music, you should check out some of the suggested songs. The songs have been hand selected, but the list is randomly generated every time the page is loaded. As a result, every time you load the page you will find a new list of suggested songs!
Overall, the Godly Christian Music Song Browser is a great tool to help you find the best downloadable MP3 files on the web. Click on a letter and get started finding so much Christian music that it will take you months, if not years to listen to it all.

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Nigerian gospel artistes have done a huge job promoting Nigerian music and Nigeria all over the world. During the past year, gospel artiste in Nigeria have organized lots of shows that easily sold out, released hit singles, collaborated with many international artistes. These professionals surely have to be praised for their hard work and their contribution to the world of Nigerian music. Below is a list of some notable gospel artists.


This gifted gospel artiste gained recognition after he made his first appearance at a youth conference organized by Pastor Chris in 2005. He performed his track “IMARAMA”, which later became very popular. Apparently, he did not stop there. His net worth is $350,000.


This woman has been a pride of Nigeria for many years since she first released her debut single “Ijoba Orun” in 2008 since then, she released a lot of songs and became a national celebrity. She writes most of her songs herself, and she is also a music producer. Lots of Nigerians attend her concerts which are always heartfelt and emotional. She has won many notable music awards for her indisputable talent.


The real name of this performer is Osinachi Kalu. She has recorded multiple hit songs that became loved by thousands of people and won lots of awards for her meaningful lyrics. She even received a Songwriter of the Decade award in 2016 for her influence and contribution to gospel music. This singer has released more than ten albums, which brought her recognition and love all over the country.


He is a talented Gospel singer, songwriter, composer, and performer is the brain behind “WORSHIP ON THE HILLS OF AFRICA”, a vision that is dedicated to raising people to worship God in spirit and in truth.
The Orokam-born Benue State singer is no doubt an accomplished music minister, whose songs are filled with the divine presence of God, with great lyrical depth and inspiration and a great message of hope for our generation. Morgan has also ministered on the same platform with great international Gospel singers. Since stepping into the Gospel podium, the Ifeoma crooner has continued to carve a niche for himself by marking the beginning of a new worship trend in Africa.


Popularly known as Frank Edwards, he is an Igbo Nigerian contemporary gospel singer-songwriter and recording artist. He is a member of Christ Embassy Church, Nigeria and is signed to the Church’s Love World Records.
Frank began singing at the age of ten as he learnt how to play the Piano from his father.


Tim is a dynamic Music Director established as an embodiment of Kirk Franklin’s unpredictable music ideas.


Tim Godfrey - Nara (ft. Travis Greene goldmusicstore.com)
Tim Godfrey – Nara (ft. Travis Greene goldmusicstore.com)

He is a voice instructor, conference speaker, writer, arranger, multi – instrumentalist, producer, presenter, music and art training consultant and music concert clinician. Recently trending is his album “Nara” in which he featured the international gospel soul singer Travis Greene. Download Nara by TIM Godfrey


Nathaniel Bassey is no doubt a force to be reckoned with in the international gospel music industry. While growing up, he was fond of Jazz and imitated the most talented musicians of this genre, with the likes of the music Icon Dr. Panam Percy Paul inspiring him to give it a trial. After much training by his Pastor and Mentor, Late Pastor Eskor Mfon, the former Pastor of RCCG City of David, he made a transition and a gospel music ministry was born. His Halleluyah Challenge which kick started in 2017 remains a channel of blessing to thousands of his followers on Social Media.


Since releasing Eji Owuro in 2003, the Nigerian folk and soul singer, has released five other albums; Gbe Je F’ori (2005), Ire (2007), Im’oore (2009) and Adun (2012), before Imuse in 2018.
The 11-track album, which was released on Thursday morning, chronicles Allyson’s salvation story and the many benefits of a life in Christ.
According to the Eji Owuro vocalist, said she had a nudge from “the most senior partner” to let the album go out for free, and she is willing to follow the nudge.