New Gospel Single: Eradi (My God) Download Audio+ Lyrics by Jonqueens (Amarachi Oche)

Eradi (My God) Download Audio+ Lyrics Jonqueens (Amarachi Oche)

Download Audio+ Lyrics  Debut Gospel Single: Eradi (My God) Jonqueens (Amarachi Oche)

Here is the Hottest Gospel Single! Eradi which means (My God) by Jonqueens (Amarachi Oche), A debut gospel single released on 8th of October, 2018, which marked her Birthday gift to the world.
Eradi (My God) Download Audio+ Lyrics by Jonqueens Amarachi Oche
Eradi (My God) Download Audio+ Lyrics by Jonqueens Amarachi Oche


Jonqueens (Amarachi Oche) is a multifaceted woman and lover of God.

She is a renowned prolific writer, teacher, songwriter and fashion designer.
Jonqueens (Amarachi Oche) is a graduate of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) where she bagged a first class degree in microbiology (Masters in Applied Microbiology currently in view).
She is the CEO/Creative Director of AmarahCrafts a fashion company; and a great mother of three lovely boys.
Having been a lover of music and the music ministry, she is married to a music minister Oche Jonkings with whom she is fulfilling the purpose.
She has featured in a couple of songs with her husband but here comes a first of her works.

About the Song Eradi( My God )

Eradi(My God) is a song born out of a grateful heart to God Almighty for His benevolence and gift of love to her and hers…
It’s a danceable piece which will get you dancing and praising. I am sure this song will bless you. You will be glad you have this…  Shalom!

Lyrics Eradi (My God) by Jonqueens (Amarachi Oche)

Verse 1
I have seen, heard and talked of nobody like my God
Of powers in heaven and on earth oh Lord,  You be Oga
How Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient You truly are
With my head bowed down and arms open wide,  I rababa (turn around)
So call Him

Chorus 1:
Eradi eh eh
You be Baba
Eradi eh eh
Jehovah is your Name

Verse 2
It feels so good to know I’m engraved on the Palm of Your Hands
That my walls are ever before You yeah thrills my heart
How good and great are the plans You have for my life
With one hand on my head and shoulders squared, I hail Baba
I call You

Chorus 2:
Eradi eh eh
You be my God
Eradi eh eh
You’ve done my life so well

Only You are my God, my God

Chorus 2(2ce)

So join me celebrate
Come on let’s jubilate
Oh yeah genuflect
For God has done me great

Chorus 2 (twice)

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