Download Tosin Koyi – Jesu Oba [Music+lyrics]


Download Tosin Koyi – Jesu Oba [Music+lyrics]

TOSIN KOYI discovered when and  how to administer couple of verses celebrating the Kingship of Jesus to a nice rhythm tune. A well rearranged translation of this mighty hit sung in both Yoruba and English dialect just says, King Jesus has come and every one of our issues, inconveniences and sins have reached an end. Tosin Koyi decided to rebrand “Jesu Oba” & believe me its wonderful.

Download Tosin Koyi – Jesu Oba [Music+lyrics]

Download Tosin Koyi – Jesu Oba [Music+lyrics]
                                               Jesu Oba
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Download JESU OBA – Tosin Koyi

Download Tosin Koyi – Jesu Oba [Music+lyrics]


Tosin drew an affinity for music whilst observing his elder siblings. The passion grew stronger, further propelled by a defining moment shortly after his 18th birthday; the baptism of the Holy Spirit. From this point on, music transformed from a mere hobby into a passionate calling.

The musical expressions of Tosin Koyi feature heart rumbling and life transforming poetry delivered on a smooth and silky vocal texture, further embellished by foot-stomping, body-swerving and head-nodding rhythms; a beautiful constellation of art and grace.


Tuning in to JESU OBA is reminiscent of Afrobeat music in its most perfect frame; From the vocal style to the beat, you will be gone up against a melodic style made show by Africa’s most praised music symbol, Fela Anikulapo – Kuti. EVERLASTING ARMS discharged online on real stages a couple of months back [do look at it, you will like it]or to Afrobeat as appeared in his most recent exertion , JESU OBA [King Jesus].

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