Download Malvi – Smile [New Song + lyrics]


Download Malvi – Smile [New Song + lyrics]

SMILE, a jazzy mid-rhythm melody is a playful, profoundly lifting and word-based consolation that however sobbing may persevere for the night, happiness is coming in the first part of the day. (Hymn 30:5b KJV).

Download Malvi – Smile [New Song + lyrics]

Download Malvi – Smile [New Song + lyrics]

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Download Smile – Malvi

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I chose to smile again

When the world seem unfair

I chose happiness over despair

No matter how bad I feel

When world is turning upside down

I chose to dance my through walls

At the end of the day, I chose to live

Sometimes I feel, I feel so unsure

And I go doubting myself over and over again

Saying Hey! Girl! You’ll never make it anyway

You keep wasting your time

Just pack up and give up now

(Repeat Chorus)

I step into trouble waters and they go still

I have decided, I’ll go through the storm

Though it could go either way I just have to try

Just can’t give up now

I’m gonna push my way through

(Repeat Chorus)

I’ll smile, I smile. I’ll smile again

I’ll smile, I’ll smile

That’s what I’ll chose to do, smile again…


“I wrote it when I was feeling discouraged about a lot of things. Everything I tried to do didn’t turn out well. I felt incapable and helpless until I was praying one day and the song just dropped.”

“I encourage you to always put a smile on your face because it’s a very powerful weapon. Instead of putting on a frown when in hard times which will only make you feel worse, turn that frown upside down.”

“I guarantee you if you do this, you will feel so much better. Remember God is always faithful. He will hold you up. Rejoice because all things work together for good. Uplift your life and think about all the great things God has done for you.” – said MALVI


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